Prototype Card Decks

I have a small update with a slightly bad news about recent development.

The current prototype designs are mostly designed by me while some were borrowed as placeholders from online stock images. Recently we started thinking of ordering some test decks to make our testing easier and also enable us more to involve other people in our test rounds. After some research I managed to find a German press that has no minimum order limit for printing playing cards. That’s great news! So about a month ago we ordered 2 test decks, and our order totaled at around €50. These 2 decks were sent via a registered parcel on regular postal service.

Unfortunately, this parcel has not arrived, and according to its tracking number it has not even entered the country. It’s a bummer, as we can’t wait to get our hands on these cards, and so do most of our followers. Having said that, the printing press were very responsive to my inquiries and since its seems the products have gone missing in transit, they will print again and mail them to us once again.

Until then, we still have much more stuff to keep you tuned! Check out our next post about action cards and how they work in the current iteration of the game.