Where to buy table top games in Malta?

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In recent conversations this topic has come up enough times to drive me into writing this post.  Since most of our current subscribers, although not all, are living in Malta, I hope this can be found useful by most of you.

So, the questions I’m trying to answer for you here are

  • Where to buy board games in Malta?
  • Where to buy card games in Malta?
  • Where do I find any table top games in Malta?

Up to a year ago

Up to a year ago when one wanted to purchase a table-top game, the options we had were mainly two kind of shops.  Either go to a toy shop that among many other “toys”, they also have a few card games and board games, or else go to a gamer’s shop that specializes in table-top games.  Both of these options have a limitation.

The toy shops most of the time would have a limited range to choose from in stock, or they would have the most commercial and popular ones.  What ever number of board games they have, it is very unlikely that you find someone in the shop able to explain to you the dynamics of the game and whether it is suitable for the players you want to engage.

The gamer shops on the other hand, would usually be very focused on strategic games, they are amazing places to visit, especially when they host live tournaments.  The down side of these shops is that they may be a bit intimidating to the casual player, and feel very much like a club where you need someone to introduce you, to really fit in.  The product selection in these places rarely includes family games or casual short duration games.

New Shop in Town!

After a brief stint online, a brick and mortar shop has opened.  Malta Geek Paradise have opened their shop in Iklin, Malta, and it is totally focused on table-top games.  Not only their shelves are full of games, but the owner of the shop has played almost all of the ones in stock and can give you first-hand feedback on what to expect from each game!  Their shop is exactly next to Maypole in Iklin.  I really recommend visiting.

You’ll find games for all kinds of tastes and age groups.  On my last visit I purchased 3 card games, 2 of which I made it a point that have a short game play duration so my family does not shy away from starting a game.

Every day Malta Geek Paradise host events to play games live in the shop.  You can check out their Facebook page here, to see what games are played each day, and you are always welcome to join and play a few rounds.  Since they are still getting traction, you might find some offers and discounts running at this time, so visit soon 😉

Malta Geek Paradise

Some of the Other places where you can buy table-top games in Malta

  1. Toyland, 96 Triq il-Kostituzzjoni , Mosta
  2. RC World, Triq San Gorg, Naxxar
  3. The Model Shop, B’Kara By Pass, Iklin
  4. ToysMalta.com, online
  5. Forbidden Power, Msida (close to Junior College)