Our Story

Our Approach

Unleash creativity, listen out to ideas and have fun while creating new things to share with others!

Our Story

Both my wife and I come from the IT industry  with broad experience in the sector.  When not at our offices Cynthia enjoys cooking, decorating cakes, bowling and updating her travel blog.  I (Nicholas) enjoy working on DIY projects, creating stuff in my garage and tinkering with electronics.

Meet the Team


Nicholas Frendo

The Creative Guy

Nicholas has a mind that never stops and tries to put some ideas to practice, including the rules and art of this game.


Cynthia Frendo Duca

The Quality Gal

Cynthia is the one constantly keeping me in check, making sure I focus on the task at hand and testing every version and update to the game, while contributing fresh ideas.



Happiness Distributor

Chewbacca is always jumping around and ready to grab any tiny crumble we may drop from the table when having a snack while playing.

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